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Ode to Distraction

Ode to Distraction

Are we really multitasking and getting more things done at once? There continues to be evidence from the research done by neuroscience community that shows you, me and most all people are not able to multi-task, not well at least! There is increasing evidence that supports this. One horrible example is the amount of prescription drugs that are handed out for ADHD. This has increased by more than 50% in the past four years in part due to mobile devices. It is overwhelming the amount of stimulus or distractions we have in our lives. One of the things we need to do is to learn what is good for us and what is not. For your youth, they have all kinds of distractions, peer pressure, grades, physical and psychological growth, dreams, fears of not fitting in, not living up to expectations, their own and parents. Somehow, society glorifies multi-tasking or at least believing that is what you are supposed to do and if you can’t somehow you are a failure or you want get ahead. I am sure you believe you can multi-task, believe me I am the worst of the bunch, but I have realized that it does not help get things done faster. In many cases it may slow things down by having to go back and fix the mistakes. I am sure as you read this, you are saying, not me, I get so much done by multitasking.

This article is about the distractions that we have in our lives, not all are bad, but is it possible they could be bad for us? First and foremost if you have ever had a bad day there is a good chance you felt as though nothing can or will go right. By thinking this way, you will be right. If you are distracted on the thing or things that are negative like happenings, what might happen, fear, embarrassment, thoughts, etc. we will continue to make decisions in the mindset that may have gotten us there? If you find yourself having a rough start to your day or golf round you have a choice has to how you can deal with it. A bad start does not have to ruin your day or round. You have a choice to decide on how the distraction will affect you. Many times, because the distraction is our phone, friends or thoughts of doing something else while you are working on something, you have a choice to subside from one of the interactions. It will free you up to focus on one thing. Maybe you do know you have distractions, so learning how to understand distractions and deal with them will be necessary to live a life in the zone. We all seek to find life in the zone, to be able to deal with anything and not be paralyzed with fear or just thoughts of failure or judgment. First, understand there will be things that will pull our attention and energy away from the most important thing, so learning how to recognize this in the moment will help you make a choice to refocus on what’s in front of you, the present. This could be school, golf, family, driving, whatever it is, you need to stay in the present to do your best. You may have been introduced to techniques on breathing, mindfulness to help learn how to deal with this. If you haven’t I recommend reaching out to Dr. Josh Brant at The Golf Performance Center, he can help you recognize and recommend how to deal with what is distracting you. One thing for sure, you will get distracted, you and everyone around you will make mistakes however you can minimize mistakes by learning how to stay in the present through breathing techniques, mindful techniques, you may not know what your distractions are therefore not make the best decisions.

If your goal is to be the best golfer in the world, now is the best time to learn how to deal with the distractions around you. Learn how to recognize, accept and stay in the present to deal with the task at hand. “if you doze but a little, all that you have amassed up till now leaves you. Keep awake then and watch your impressions: it is not trifle you have keeping, but self respect, honor, constancy, a quiet mind, untouched by distress, fear, or agitation, in a word, freedom.” Epictetus If your dream is worth something to you, what then are you willing to sell it for? Is your distraction/s worth more to you than your dreams?

Enjoy Your Journey

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