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Motivation Doesn’t Work

Motivation doesn’t work. I know this is contrary to what many people hear, but the fact is, motivation doesn’t get it done! How often do you start out “motivated?” You listen to a motivational speaker, watch a sports clip that motivates you, or maybe you see someone else doing something amazing and it motivates you. What did you do about it? Most likely clicked on to the next video or podcast. Motivation is great, but without action and discipline, motivation is just another distraction from getting things done. 

To be good at something you must have action, to be great at something you must have purposeful action, and to make it to the top of your mountain you must be disciplined to follow your purposeful action. The equation is simple; don’t let motivation be the distraction from your greatest performances. We all are motivated by something, but what holds us back? The fear of failure? The fear of the unknown? The fear of hard work? Motivation has its place, but alone it will not get us to where we want to be! Plan out your journey, have purposeful action, and get it done!


As one wise man said, Motivation + Purposeful Action – Distraction = High Performance

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