The Golf Performance Center Ridgefield, CT

Make the Most of Your Time

Tournament season is a critical time to focus on practice and playing, as well as recovery to optimize your playing performance. The best athletes in the world talk about their performances as routine and how they work to follow a process for even better performances. For the golf athlete, it is important to understand your primary goal in the game is to SCORE. Getting the ball into the hole with the least number of strokes possible, period! The skill of controlling the golf ball to achieve this goal is unique to each player, based on their knowledge and functionality.

Understanding and evaluating your skill set is the first step to making the most of your time in practice. Working on the right parts of your game with the big picture in mind will be the most efficient use of your practice time. Failing to have consistent quality practices can lead you to a search cycle where you apply any tip possible to get yourself back on track. There is no magic bullet that solves all your tendencies with no or little effort on the right things.

If you have not assessed your golf, physical, and mental skills; Your first step is to take the Player Development Index (PDI) Self Assessment online (it only takes 10 minutes!),  then call The Golf Performance Center to set up a Coach Guided PDI Assessment. Based on our PDI assessment, you will have a better understanding of where your skills are, why they are where they are and have a plan on how to work towards your improvement. Once you understand where you are, you can feel confident about working on the right things for you. It will be important to stay consistent with your prescribed drills and practice plan along with coaching to reinforce your progress so you can avoid the “search” cycle and keep your game on track. If you keep to a regular scheduled maintenance plan you will always progress and get better. It doesn’t take much time to get some reinforcement. It can be done by phone or email if you don’t have the time to see a coach.

Stay focused on the right drills and it will keep you out of the search cycle. Time is precious, so make the most of it when you can!

Enjoy Your Journey!