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Is your equipment ready to support you for your best golf ever? Hmm, I do not mean that you need new equipment but rather is the equipment you have ready to support you to play your best golf this year. Now that golf season is officially here in most areas of the country, and you have gotten your body and mind tuned and ready to play your best golf, have you taken the time to make sure your equipment is the best fit for you?

Equipment manufacturers are hyping up their latest and greatest equipment and the promises to add 20 yards to your drives, but if you are not able to deliver the necessary speed and accuracy it is not likely you will see the added yardage! Conversely, if you have done the work on your body, and swing, but your equipment doesn’t fit the new you, it is not likely you will maximize your transformation. I know this can sound like I am promoting you to go buy new equipment, but hear me out. No, I am not telling you new equipment is the answer to all your problems, but it could be an answer to a problem! 

How important is it to have the right equipment for the task or job? Paraphrasing from one of the greatest of all time; no matter how hard I try to hit that shot, if I have the wrong equipment in my hand the ball will not get airborne. You can’t hit a golf shot with a shovel. This is from Jack Nicklaus when asked about needing to have the correct wedge for him to hit a particular shot from the rough. I believe this goes for any golfer, you have to have the right equipment for you, not the equipment someone else plays, but the right fit equipment for where you are in development. For many parents and junior golfers out there, it is critical to your development to have the correct equipment for your size, strength and skill level. Having equipment too heavy or long for a junior golfer can be detrimental to their overall development, and over time could prohibit skill development when it comes to speed, and patterning of your golf swing.

As one of our 5 Elements of Success at The Golf Performance Center, being properly evaluated helps the developmental process of any golfer. Even for the adult players, knowing you have the right equipment is important, not just having a new driver or putter; it is important to know how your lies and lofts affect your ability to control your golf ball better. Ultimately, controlling your golf ball better leads to better scoring results, which is the nature of the game. As you move into golf season, I would recommend an equipment assessment, better yet, while you’re at it, get your whole game assessed. It may be a good way to understand your areas of strength and weakness. 

I look forward to seeing you at The Golf Performance Center in our Custom Club shop with Wally customizing your game with clubs that will not only support your game but may make it more enjoyable because you are controlling the golf ball better and scoring better!

Enjoy Your Journey!


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