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Impossible, is a descriptor you often use when you think something that was just done, was incredible or great.  For example: “that was an impossible shot!”  The funny thing is we will use “impossible” even after we just witnessed something happen.  Hmm, do you really think it is impossible or do you hold back on what is possible because you are not willing to put the work in to do what others may think impossible?
Last week we got the pleasure to watch what was truly remarkable recovery by Tiger Woods to play in this year’s Masters tournament.  Some may say this is impossible, but the fact is Tiger made it possible by putting in the hours, the hard work and enduring the pain for the gains to be able to live a healthier life with his kids and to be the best player on the planet.  His passion and drive to be the best version of himself has put him in a position to live, play and compete again at the highest level.  Tiger is unique but he is not the only person on the planet that overcomes great odds to accomplish great feats.  There are many people who may suffer tragic accidents, health issues or birth disorders that achieve their greatness by waking up everyday giving their best effort to achieve the “impossible”.   Ben Hogan suffered a similar experience in his career where he nearly lost his life, he persevered and went on to accomplish great feats in his life, impossible?, no he put in the hours, the hard work and endured the pain, he made it possible.  Perhaps you have done something like this as well.  When you watch the LPGA or PGA Tour golf on TV, or watch greatness happen on the field, courts or the board room, these are not impossible feats, you just witnessed the great play and or the incredible happe. It only happens when you are willing to put in the hours, hard work and endure the suffering of bad shots, bad rounds, in order to learn and press on to create the possible dream of competing at your highest level.   
Nothing is impossible, it may not be probable based on certain circumstances, lack of skills, lack of knowledge and lack of the right effort but impossible does not exist.  If you are wanting to achieve your impossible, it is best to know where you are starting from.  Check your inventory of skills; are your golf skills good enough to shoot the scores you are hoping for? Now may be a good time to reach out to your professional and ask for your Player Development Index Assessment, find out what your “Index” is, it will help you identify the areas of weakness and strengths so that the hours you put in to turn your impossible to possible!
Enjoy Your Journey!

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