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How To Be Your Best

All in my pursuit of helping thousands of athletes both young and old become the best version of themselves, I have asked thousands of athletes and other successful people how they reached their successes, and to no surprise it sounds easy! If you have tuned in to any of my newsletters or articles you have also heard me mention, “easy is hard.”  You may be wondering, what do the best people do to achieve their successes? I have complied a short list of words I have collected over the years from some of the best or talented golf athletes and business owners.
1. Passion: The intrinsic push and pull to be better at something regardless of how tough it gets
2. Belief: No matter how audacious the goal, a strong personal sense of, I will get it done attitude,
preparedness matters
3. Intention: Every action, going to bed early, getting up early and prepared to improve, waking every day
to get better, how you dress matters, how you put your shoes on matters
4. Discipline: Consistency of actions, being accountable daily
5. Preparation: Always being prepared to perform the task, doing what it takes to always be ready
6. Curiosity: Willingness to explore, to figure it out, to imagine the what if
7. Standards: Creating a personal standard of excellence, not allowing others to influence your
8. Sacrifice: To get something you want may mean giving up something, comfort for discomfort.
9. Truth: The best always wants to know the truth so they can have a measure of what do they need to do
to keep getting better
10. Action: Nothing gets done without actions
Clearly these are not the only things that the best and most successful people do, but it is a good start to understand their thinking, or better yet, understand your thinking. Ask yourself this question; Do these 10 words mean something to me?
If you want to be the best golfer in the world, start by knowing where your skills are today, create your standard by taking a Player Development Assessment @ The Golf Performance Center, understand your true strengths and weaknesses, build your plan for success today!

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