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Well, there is no other tournament like it, as Jim Nantz would say. Spring has sprung with the swings at the Augusta National Women’s Amateur (ANWA) this week. It has been great viewing some of the best women golfers in the world that are not professionals. This is only the warm up though as The Master’s event kicks off next week with the Drive, Pitch and Putt competition for the deserving young qualifiers from the thousands of juniors challenging their skills to get there!  The main event of the Master’s Tournament begins on Thursday, with all the added excitement to see the LIV players eligible to play in the first Major of the year. I don’t know about you but it now feels like golf season NOW! 

I believe it is going to be an exciting event to watch; the world’s best players playing on what is considered one of the world’s most beautiful golf courses, not on a body of water.  If you haven’t been to Augusta to witness The Master’s it is for sure a great event to behold.  If you have been lucky enough to be invited to play there, I hope you took advantage and played!  If not, you are no longer a golfer in my book. Ok, just kidding, but I hope you didn’t pass up that invite, unless it was for the birth of your child and or maybe your wedding day! Lol 

It looks like we are in for some good golf from the guys next week including, Scheffler, Rory, Rahm, Schauffle, Spieth, Justin Thomas, Cameron Young, and so many others playing some great golf. Who may be the spoiler, don’t count out Mr. Tiger Woods, he is my perennial pick at Augusta. For those of you in Master’s pools, you can’t rule out the likes of Dustin Johnson, Cameron Smith, Phil or even Brooks Koepka!   

Like the best players in the world getting prepared for the first major, how are you getting prepared for your first “major” of the season? I say this because preparation for an event is critical to your success, and if you are not preparing to play your best, can you really expect to have your best tournament? The answer is NO. What does your preparation look like?  Do you take some time in advance of your events to create a game plan, to practice the shots required to execute your plan? I am sure you have heard many of the players this week at the ANWA talk about how their practice has been geared towards preparation for Augusta National, likewise when the men are interviewed, you hear them all mention preparation on the course, shots they need to win at Augusta, shaping the ball to certain hole locations. Some of the most important prep is mentally and physically.  The stress of a major takes a lot more mental focus or acceptance, knowing a major’s set up conditions are harder than “normal” golf, Augusta terrain is a lot more undulating than the typical course players are playing, so the demands of being able to physically hit shots from lies that are more challenging.  Whatever your situation is for your tournament golf or “majors,” the importance of preparation is key to your success.  Some of the media are making a big deal of the guys on the LIV Tour not being prepared to play, I would disagree, those guys all know how to prepare to play Augusta or any other event.  I do believe the pressure they will feel being in the field will be like no other pressure they have had due to the microscope being on them next week.  As the line goes, the greats rise to the occasion!   

Good luck to the women finishing tomorrow at Augusta, and good luck to all the competitors next week at The Master’s.  Happy Spring, go Tiger!

Enjoy Your Journey!

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