The Golf Performance Center Ridgefield, CT

How Do You Become The Best?

Stop making excuses. This is the first step to becoming the BEST. The best golfers, athletes, lawyers, doctors, and actors do not make excuses for why they are not better. They are willing to look into the mirror assess themselves honestly. The best performers are courageous enough to look within and ask the hard questions, am I being truthful to myself? Do I put out my best effort daily? Do I know why I am doing this work?

Golf is a hard sport, but so is life.  If you say you want to be your very best at it, then you cannot afford not to be honest with yourself.  You must be able to ask yourself the hard questions and then put the answers into action.  If you desire to be the best golfer, then take the time to assess your game on a consistent basis, being disciplined to do the mundane.  To be the best does not require you to do extraordinary things occasionally, but rather it is doing the ordinary, extraordinarily well consistently.

To become the best at something requires you to have passion for it, not just on the surface when things are going good but passionate about all of it, the good and the bad! The work that it takes to become the best is hard, it may suck at times, but there is no getting around it!  The obstacle is the way!  You may say, well I think I am doing what it takes. Here’s a hint, if you are not challenging yourself daily to improve in what are the 5 Elements of Success, you may not be putting in the right effort.  This takes discipline to push yourself through the rough patches like struggling to acquire new skills, moving better to improve your ability, to swing faster or getting stronger to handle the stresses of hours of practice required to become the best!  There is a reason only a small percentage of human beings make it to the top of their field; it takes a relentless effort to get there, fueled by passion.

Start your journey with our Player Development Index Self-Assessment, BE HONEST!  If you are compelled after that, reach out to me or our team at GPC or to set up your Coach Guided PDI Assessment or our Full PDI Assessment. You will gain valuable insight to where you are currently in your development and we can help create a plan to reach your goal.  Remember, there is no perfection in becoming your best, there is only the pursuit.  If you start today and every day here after working on improvement, not “fixing”, steady non-miraculous gains, growing, compounding the knowledge and skills, you will find your truth! 

Enjoy Your Journey!