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happy or not, a new year is here

Happy or Not, A New Year is here!  

Well, it is that time of year to begin making your New Year’s resolutions, or as some would call it goals for the year.  Before that, maybe it would be a good idea to reflect on this past year and determine, what did you accomplish on your 2022 list of resolutions?  If you fell short, why?  Does it make sense to put the same resolution on your list of things to get done in 2023? If you want to make 2023 your year, make sure you address the resistance or the reasons you were not able to accomplish your goals last year.  

It starts today and  if you didn’t do something today that you wanted to, what was your reason?  What excuse did you give today as to why you didn’t get it done?  If you are one of the few people who did everything you set out to do today, you are on your way to be at the top of your industry.  In the past twenty years there has been much research regarding why some people succeed and why others struggle.  It boils down to habits, not very “science-y”, just plain old habits. What you do, day in and day out, simple.  If you are struggling to get things done that you want to, look at your daily routine, what is in your way from accomplishing everything you want?  Some people get stuff done and others make excuses why they couldn’t get it done.  Are you a list maker, if so, maybe your list is too long, try making a list of things not to do?  If you are trying to lose weight but you love Oreo cookies, best way to avoid eating them, DON’T buy them!  (I struggle with this one!!) Change of environment, this is another good way to improve your chances of success, make sure you are in a good environment, this could be a place, or people that you are around.  At The Golf Performance Center we have always felt that if we could create the best environment for golf athletes to improve by providing the best elements for success, having everything in one place, coaches for golf, body and mind, the best technologies, an area for physical improvement, having equipment for people to purchase when needed, and the best practice areas for scoring.  For a golfer wanting to improve, we have made it easy, the only excuse is not showing up! 

If you want to have a happy new year, start by taking responsibility for your actions, your commitment, it is easy to blame other things or people for not playing well, or reaching your goals, step up and own your actions.  Begin your improvement with eliminating the excuses, own your mistakes, learn from them and move on.  When you have accountability, it makes it much harder to quit or give in, this creates persistence and grit.  Grit is a leading indicator of the most successful people in all industries!

Start 2023 off with the goal to give yourself the best environment to succeed, eliminate the excuses, make your list to stop doing the things that get in your way of getting your real work done. It will be hard for sure; it may require a close examination into why you are playing the game.  Get after it!  

Make this the Happiest New Year!!

Enjoy your Journey!

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