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Get What You Want

We have all hear the phrase, “you get what you deserve”, however I would say you get what you want.  It is all about making choices, “I want to be a PGA/LPGA tour player or I want to play Division I golf” or “I want to be the next billionaire”, the hard part of a choice is the outcomes that follow.  Easy to say, I want to be the best golfer in the world, extremely hard to do!  Chances of getting this can be overwhelming, so much so that you give up before the journey begins.  So, let’s stay with this topic, we are golf nuts here!  You want to be the best golfer in the world, now what?  Choice #1 where do you begin?  Most golfers would immediately look to win every event they enter because that is the road to being the #1 golfer in the world, right?  Not exactly.  Most likely you may want to begin with understanding what being the best means, is it winning every junior tournament or club championship? These are probably not going to get you there, it could help with confidence and developing golf intelligence.  Perhaps if you play for a Division I golf team that will make you the best?  Again, may help.  Work with the best coaches in the world (GPC coaches), it will help but most likely not be the answer.  You see outside influences are a small part of the outcome you may be looking for. To reach an audacious goal like being a Division I golfer or PGA/LPGA tour player, or a billionaire, it is extremely difficult, it less than 1% chance of these things happening for you.  What will increase your odds?  #1 Deciding this is your dream, intrinsically motivated, what do you desire #2-Relentlessly doing what it takes regardless of the near term outcomes, ie, bad score in a round, or tournaments, passion and perseverance, #3-Doing the ordinary, extraordinarily well,  #4-Having a coach or team that supports your dream, it is important to have the right environment around you that believes in your dream and #5-Do you have the right equipment for being your best?  It will be improbable if these 5 Elements are not in place to reach what you want.
Getting what you want is not easy, you have to make every waking moment count, that means giving your best on the littlest of tasks, did you wake up this morning with the intent to be your best?, did you give everything in the gym this morning?  Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then, is not an act, but habit.”  Make a habit of doing excellence daily, in all tasks.  In today’s world It is easy to get caught up with the glamor and the “easy” life that gets posted on Instagram or written about in magazines or twitter.  To have the “easy” life it is a lot of hard work; you have to be uncommon among uncommon people.   You get what you want when you believe in yourself, no matter what happens you will enjoy the toughest days as much as you celebrate the best days.  Without one it is almost improbable to have the other.  If you look for the “easy” days to become #1, it will happen! When it gets tough, keep digging, keep climbing and before you know it, you will be the overnight success, you will be what you wanted to be!
Believe, Purpose, Understanding, Hard work, Persistence, Patience, Passion, Humility, Mindset, Fear, Skill, Gratitude, Hard work, Resilience, and Relentless.  All these words need to be implemented into your vocabulary to help you become the next best thing.  It’s up to you, now go get what you want! 
Enjoy your Journey!

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