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Fear and Reality

Highly successful people are not shrinking from the realities of life, work or play.  They take responsibility of the events that go on in their lives. Someone that leads an accountable life seeks the opportunities to measure and understand their mistakes and how to improve his or her performance.  Success, everyone has their own meaning, but those who truly seek it understand it doesn’t just happen.  The fear of failure or knowing weaknesses does not stop successful people from planning and working to improve daily.  As a matter of fact, it is common for the best athletes or businesspeople to work hard to fail as fast as they can, so they can learn faster.  You may think this is an innate skill to “special” individuals, you either have it or you don’t. 
Neuroscientist, Rahul Jandial studies human performance and has shown evidence that everyone can learn patterns or habits. In his research, he finds much evidence that supports anyone can do great things if they are willing to seek the reality of their situation and own it or to have ultimate accountability.  To own it, take responsibility of your actions, have a clear understanding as to where you are in your journey, as a golf athlete, going through a player development assessment (PDI) to gain an index of your strengths and weakness will help you “look in the mirror”, taking ownership of your golf improvement process.  This information will help you create a plan of action with your coach instilling accountability of your progress for success.  Do not fear knowing where your golf game is. If you are having scores in the mid 80’s, find out the details of why. Create a solution plan and work to improve the areas of weakness. Don’t just say things like “I should be scoring better” or “I want to score better but my driving stinks or my putter is not working” as this is not a good plan for success. Unless success is continuing to score in the mid 80’s, this leads to frustration, blaming others and giving up!
GPC can be your accountability partner, we are here to help you objectively understand where you are in your journey to success in golf and in life.   Through our philosophy of the 5 Elements of Success, we can help you create a clear picture as to where you are developmentally and create a corrective program for continued improvement.  If you are seeking to play better golf or at a higher level, it will require you to challenge your skills, not occasionally, but continually in practice, playing and in competition, and seeking accountability in your performances.  Through experiences, failure and successes, your ability to gain valuable objective feedback will be critical in reaching your goals in golf and life.  
If you are hoping to be a college golfer or beyond, a club champion or mid-amateur champ, be clear as to your goals, your actions to achieve and the quality of the feedback that it takes to make real improvements. 

Set goals, be accountable to your actions; 38% of people who set goals achieve them, 76% of people who set goals and share them with an accountability partner, coach or friend achieve them. Don’t fear reality, embrace what it is telling you, seek it out to be your very best!  

“Hoping that it will happen is not a plan; plan for success in your life and when things become a struggle, confidence in your plan will give you hope to keep you on your journey!”
Enjoy Your Journey!

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