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Becoming Extraordinary

We strive to be the best version of ourselves with the knowledge that certain circumstances can get in our way. Becoming extraordinary like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Steve Jobs, Maya Angelou, Michael Angelo, Tiger Woods, Mike Trout, Ariana Grande, George Washington, and Annika Sorenstam takes intense discipline. Small ordinary acts that are done consistently add up over time. To be extraordinary, do the ordinary extraordinarily well. When you get an inside look of the people you admire and look up to, you begin to understand they are not that much different than you.

What are the 5 commonalities of extraordinary people?

1.  They are curious about learning. They find something they are passionate about and seek to improve the skills needed to be the best.

2.  They like to ask questions to others that can help in their learning, as in coaches, teachers or domain experts and they listen purposely.

3.  They understand that they need to be physically able to do what is required to reach their goal of being the best, to paint for hours, practice music, or to improve their golf swing.

4.  They also understand the “long haul” approach. Nothing is going to come overnight. They know you can’t be great with a quick fix and they understand that failure is natural and expected in order to improve. Mentally having a growth mindset allows setbacks to be temporary with patience and perseverance.

5.  They realize that having the right equipment and environment is crucial to their success.

These are simple things that establish an extraordinary person. So why do so few people become extraordinarily good at something? When you do not stick with doing ordinary things long enough to do them extraordinarily well, you fall short. Wake up each day with one goal in mind and follow a process that provides you continuous learning.

Enjoy Your Journey!

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