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Attitude Characteristics

In life there are challenges that are hard to change,  unable to change, or easy to change.  Life habits such as over eating, drinking, smoking and procrastination are hard to change, but can be overcome with mindfulness and effort.  Having the ability to change whether you are tall or short isn’t going to happen, however having a good attitude will change how you view yourself; if you are on the shorter side you can have such an unbelievable attitude about life that you become much bigger to people around you.   Attitude is changeable!!  It can make the difference as to whether you are successful or fail at a task or performance.
Do you know if you have a good attitude? Are there signs to help you understand if it is time to change?  Yes and Yes.  The following are seven characteristics of positive attitude people.  Do you recognize any of these in yourself?

  1. Self-Belief: If you do not believe in yourself, who will!  Good attitude check, do you wake up and go to bed with a feeling that you can accomplish anything you set out to do?  Some call this self- confidence, it is, and it doesn’t come from success, it comes from believing you will be successful first.
  2. See the best in others: You want to see the best in others so that they bring out the best in you.  When you project good thoughts and feelings about others, it gives you good feelings about yourself, gaining confidence about your own abilities.
  3. See opportunity everywhere: No matter the circumstances a person with a good attitude sees opportunities everywhere.  If it is rainy, a good attitude sees it as an opportunity to plant seeds!  Good attitude sheds light for you to find your opportunities, be prepared!
  4. Solution focused: Being focused on solving problems keeps you from focusing on the problems.  Most everyone sees problems; the right attitude person will find solutions.  Anything is possible!
  5. Giving: When someone gives to others it has a profound impact on both parties.  It is rare to find generous people not being positive people. 
  6. Persistence: Stick to your ambitions, dreams come true to those who can not be discouraged to follow their passions and allow disappointment to get the upper hand.  Good attitude person believes their breakthrough is right around the corner, the next tournament or another few practice sessions.
  7. Self-Responsibility: No one else is responsible for their lives.  Positive attitude people make no excuses for their actions, they own it!  If you didn’t play well today, there is no blaming your coach or playing partner.  When you take responsibility for yourself, it is much easier to honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses and work towards resolving weaknesses.

As I write about attitude changes or positive attitude, it doesn’t mean that you need to be walking around saying everything is great.  Understanding these 7 traits will help give you a perspective on how to overcome adversity that you will be faced with along your school, golf and life journey.  If you plan to travel far and fast to the top of your class, golf rankings or business, you will want to travel lighter!  Reduce the weight of your rocket ship, trim off the envies, jealousies, selfishness, and fears!  It will help your journey to be smoother and less lonely, enjoy the ride of self- fulfillment by having a great attitude! 
Enjoy Your Journey!