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Adding Value

Accomplish your goals by helping others.  How does adding value to someone else help your golf game?  Simple, when you help someone else it allows you to feel better, freeing your mind of judgement of you.  Much research has been done on the psychology of human behavior showing how the simplest of acts change the moods of people allowing them to accomplish more.  Helping others motivates, you will better about yourself, this becomes a powerful tool when it comes to accomplishing your own goals.  Great leaders figure out the best ways to put other people’s goals in front of their own goals.  This isn’t to say leaders don’t think of themselves first, they still need to be their best self, which means constantly working to be a better through learning humility, grace, kindness, integrity, character and an industrious work habits.

Why am I talking about adding value and leadership?  Well, golf is a great metaphor for life.  It is “deceptively simple and endlessly complicated, rewarding and maddening…” AP.  Even if you can play the game well at the highest levels, it will test your resolve, it will wear you down.  Without learning what is important in life, adding value to others, golf will betray you, it can make you so frustrated that you quit.  The worst part is, you quit on yourself, not anyone else.  You!  Being able to see beyond the scores that you post, golf is a great game to help learn humility, integrity, character, grace and hard work ethos.  If the game of golf can teach us some of these great values, our lives will be better for it.  There is a good chance the values learned through golf will help you to become a great leader in life.  Leaders are taught not born, they learn certain values early, why not allow golf to help you learn about life.  See how adding value to someone else’s day will allow you to accomplish more in yours.  The next time you are practicing, working out or playing, lean in and ask a question to your buddy, how can I help you get better today?  Leadership is not about leading others, it is about leading you!  Others follow if you know how to lead you.  Allow golf or your atmosphere help you become your best self, your best leader, see how adding value to someone else helps you succeed in golf and life!

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