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A New Masters Champion

If you were lucky enough to spend last weekend watching the 2021 Masters Tournament, an event like no other, you would have been treated to an exciting back nine on Sunday.  Schauffele making a run until an ill-fated 8 iron came up short on the 16th, derailing him, the fresh faced Will Zalatoris, unknown rookie at the Masters playing lights out and surprising everyone but himself finishing runner-up to the eventual champion, Hideki Matsuyama.  Matsuyama played solid throughout the event, but I would say the final round was a clutch performance.  Green jacket at stake and an entire country holding it’s breathe until the end, what a way to keep focused on the moment and making it happen.  No doubt there were nerves, as Hideki said in post round interview, “I wasn’t nervous until Saturday night with a big lead going into Sunday’s final round.”  Can you imagine trying to sleep!  
So, what can we learn from Hideki about desire?  Firstly, his desire to win was clear. Despite the enormous pressure he felt throughout Sunday, he was able to stick with his routine. He never seemed to be bothered by an errant shot or two and hit most of his shots with clarity. He truly embraced the moment as he had seen himself winning major championships since he was a young boy. The journey to this victory had challenges, such as blistering his shot on 15 into the water and making bogey on 16. With the help of Hideki’s caddie, he remained calm in those moments. 
With Hideki’s win, the world of golf just got bigger.  As a Japanese player, this will no doubt bring golf to a new level of interest around the globe.  Golf has been played in Japan for centuries but now having a Major Champion, this may give more hope that more player’s will be willing to put in the work to accomplish this feat.  Congratulations to Hideki Matsuyama, enjoy your hard work!
Enjoy and embrace your golf journey, work industriously, believe in yourself and you too may find yourself sleepless on a Saturday night into Sunday morning before your Major championship!
Enjoy Your Journey!

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