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Definition; a thing done successfully typically by effort, courage or skill

Used in sentence; Through 10 years of industrious work I was able to win the tour championship, this is a great achievement thus far in my career.

Achievement; people lose sight of what it really means.  I recently read a study on why young people are having such a tough time finding their place at work, school and or activities. The study suggested that more kids are having anxiety issues, depression, committing suicide, eating disorders, sleep apnea and lack of motivation. Why?

1. Parental failure. I am not suggesting we are bad parents, but rather we are being over protective, not allowing kids to fail or learn how to deal on their own, only telling kids how great they are, trying to make it easier for them and making it too easy!

2. Technology. Everything is instant. There is no sense of discovery, “just Google it!”

3. Environment. Society has made achievement difficult. Few work for anything and everyone gets a trophy and with entitlement. Having to make a team by a selective process is frowned upon which has created “everyone makes the team syndrome’”. Schools have made it easier to get better grades because in many cases teachers don’t want to deal with the parents! Kids today get a trophy for participation even if they are last in the competition. The kids themselves feel embarrassed about that as they know they didn’t earn it and deserve it!

It is important for every young person to learn how to achieve, to put effort into something they care about, and to have failure and successes with it.  Learn how to overcome and deal with the adversity of failure, to learn how to make better decisions based on experience rather than Google or Mom and Dad giving them the answers!  Learning that expectations are not external but are internal for school, work, or golf. Positive or negative experiences are beneficial in the learning process of why and how to set expectations for yourself. Learn how to be accountable for the work necessary to achieve your goals and meet your own expectations.

It is important to understand that achievement is earned.  Would you rather climb to the summit of Mt. Everest or take a helicopter to the summit? It  would be easier to fly to the summit but would it have the same significance to you as climbing the mountain?  You achieved the medal of valor by putting your life on the line for something greater than yourself, someone else! 

So when it comes to achieving your goals in life, school or golf, you have to put in the effort. You cannot expect to win a junior tournament or get a scholarship by just showing up! Nothing in life is free or without sacrifice. Be your best, it will be your greatest achievement!

Enjoy Your Journey!

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