The Golf Performance Center Ridgefield, CT

A Chance To Make A Difference

You can make a difference.
It is hard to believe but we have come to the end of another school year and for some the end of your high school career!  Congratulations to all student athletes and especially to you seniors, here is my next steps message to you!
You have the ability and the chance to change the world, however the first thing you need to do is make your bed, not sometimes, but every day!  If you take the time to do this simple task it will give you the discipline to focus on the little things in life that add up to big things in life.  It has been estimated that most of us will touch nearly 10,000 people in our live time. If those touches or exchanges in life are positive, can you imagine how profound that could be.  It can affect millions, by making an impact on 10 people around you and those people making an impact on 10 people around them, in just five generations you will have impacted millions.  The decisions you make will have an impact, they will impact you and others around you, what outcome/s would you like to see, positive or negative.   Simply said, you can change the world!  I am sure you will!
If I can give you some advice, be you, love you for who you are not for who others want you to be, the sacrifice may not be worth it!  It is the greatest power in the world to go for your dream, the greatest gifts are not the ones you may be expecting and are usually the ones you give to others.  Expectations are for someone else not you, you control what you can and are not able to do, sometimes it just doesn’t work out, no reasons, your effort may not be enough, it’s ok, step forward!  Make every effort to learn more about you, you may be a strong swimmer but a drowning person will do whatever it takes to get a breath of air, (even drown you!), be careful who you pick to be in your circle, you want people helping you push in the same direction, no one does it alone!   Society will want to judge you for whom there not, they will tell you that being vulnerable is weak, they will tell you that if you are not making a million dollars you are invaluable or not successful, society will tell you if you cry you are weak, don’t listen to them, it is the strongest thing you can do, it’s good for the soul, there is no shame, only strength!  Society will tell you that if you fail you are a failure, this is only true if you give up!  Failure is the greatest mentor to your success, whatever that is for you!  No one has reached the top of their mountain without it! Those who do not fail or those who do not try!
It is a pleasure to have you in our family for this moment in time, I hope that you have learned a few things about yourself, about society, about what it takes to be your better self; it has been a great honor and pleasure to be a part of your journey, I have learned a lot from you and I look forward to seeing your impact on the world around you, but first make your bed!!
Enjoy your Journey!