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Learning takes Discipline

Ok so you say you want to learn how to play better golf, but you are afraid to learn something different.  Learning to play better golf takes time, hard work, a positive attitude and discipline.  It will take all your abilities to be patient enough to allow learning to happen.  
That’s right learning doesn’t just take place when you are taking in the information.  Misconception 101, when the teacher gives you an assignment and you try and memorize it, that doesn’t mean that you have learned the information.  Our brains are awesome computers that can memorize things, but it doesn’t always mean that it knows what to do with the information or how to apply it to the right situation.  Since we are talking about golf, a very complex pattern of movements, thoughts, and reactions, many things need to take place in order to learn or apply it in the right situations.  
Steps of learning: 1-identify the problems, 2- develop a plan 3-work with a development mindset on the problem areas 4- practice and train to transfer the new information, 5-play with new information and repeat the process until the new skills are learned or able to apply.  This will take discipline to stick with the process of learning.  Remember just because you may know the answer it doesn’t mean you know how to improve.
As you move into the off season stay disciplined to learning, it will take time, there will be improvement, mostly likely it will not be “fixed”. You are learning, enjoy that process as it will take time and effort to stick with it.  Each time you play have fun, let it happen, you have trained and worked hard to improve and after your practice or round use the feedback to continue your development!  Another way to know if learning is taking place, use challenges, like the Player Development Index Assessment, this will give you great feedback as to how your skills are improving which should give you more confidence to transfer are improving skills to the golf course.  The more you enjoy the process of learning the more success you will have learning and the more eager you are to learn more!
Enjoy your Journey!

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