What Works for You

If you watched the PGA Tour event this past weekend you saw 23 year old Sungjae Im win for the second time in his career.  He is young but starting to catch the attention of the golfing world moving up to 21st in the Official World Golf Rankings.  So, what is his secret formula that is propelling him to the top?
Golf Digest wrote about some of the stats that Sungjae Im is leading on the tour that indicate he simply plays much more tournament golf than anyone else out there.  Since the end of 2017 he leads the PGA Tour in stats such as most events played and most birdies made to most rounds in the 60’s and most rounds of 67 or less.  He is simply outplaying, out travelling, and outworking the rest of the PGA Tour.  So what does this mean?
Not everyone has the same formula to perform at peak levels.  Tiger Woods was known for playing fewer events than most other players and taking the time in between to prepare properly.  That is what worked for him and we know how well that worked out.  Sungajae Im has found something that is working for him and I am sure he will ride that wave as far as it will take him. 
It can take time to find out the right formula for yourself in terms of tournament schedule and the balance of practice and play to perform at your best.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with different formulas and don’t be afraid to stick with what works when you find it.

Practice Smart!
Dennis Hillman