The Team Approach

Athletes who perform at the highest level of competition have a team of coaches around them.  Look at a Major League Baseball team, they have hitting coaches, pitching coaches, trainers, physical therapists, equipment managers and everything in between.  If you look on the PGA Tour you will see the same, one player will have a team of coaches they work with.  Here at GPC, we know that performance has many factors, these are the 5 Elements of Success: Desire, Physical Performance and Nutrition, Coaching, Mental Game and Equipment.  Having a team of coaches who are all on the same page is crucial to peak performance.  You may take lessons from someone and get fit from someone else, if they are not on the same page, it could get ugly.  Both coaches want the same thing, improving performance but both may have very different ideas of what that looks like for the golfer. By standing the 5 Elements of Success as pillars for development, we can ensure that our team of coaches are all moving in a single direction to help our athletes reach their goals.