The Purpose of Practice

The Purpose of practice is purposeful practice.  I am sure this is not a new concept to many of you but one that is still under-appreciated.  ‘Quality over quantity’ is the other way this has been expressed over the years.  This speaks to the how of development in golf and when combined with an assessment that directs an athlete to focus in the right areas can be very powerful.
The best players in the world have undoubtedly spent countless hours in deliberate practice working on areas of weakness to hone skills.  The approach is not one of fixing what is broken, but one of developing that which is not strong enough to hold up under tournament conditions.  What shows up in competition is feedback for where they need to focus energy, and I believe the best players have the ability to hold themselves accountable to working where they need to in practice, not where they want to.
The question is ‘do you know your strengths and weaknesses?’  If not, you need an assessment with objective measurements to help you understand where you are.  Then you can take that information and begin the journey of understanding why your game is where it is.  Then from there you can work with a coach to develop a plan to improve (the how of development).  Leaning into the key areas for improvement with a growth mindset will set you on an incredible journey towards your goals.  It is well worth it!

Image courtesy of Golf New Net

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