Slow To Fast

When you’re trying to learn something new, it can be extremely beneficial to work “slow to fast.” When teenagers are learning how to drive, they start in the parking lot, then back roads and finally, the highway.  Many golfers out there are trying to improve their technique go straight to the highway.  Slow motion golf swings are extremely beneficial in the process of learning new movements.  As Harvey Penick wrote in his Little Red Book “When I say slow motion, I mean really slow, slow motion. If you think you are doing it in slow motion, do it even slower.”  Slow motion practice has been a staple used by many sports academies across the world.  Slow motion swings help to develop and engrain new movement patterns in the neurological system. These patterns need to be strengthened through quality repetition and going slowly can assure the movement quality does not suffer and bring awareness to the movement that would otherwise be nearly impossible to feel.  You can do these indoors, in front of a mirror for 15 minutes a day and it would change your life.  If you are trying to improve your fundamental movement patterns, you need to learn to drive in the parking lot, before you can take it on the highway.