Rory Is Back

After 18 months of searching for a win on the PGA Tour, Rory finally hoisted the winner’s trophy last Sunday at Quail Hollow.  The journey is long for anyone in golf, filled with ups and downs which ultimately make us stronger and better.  So what has Rory been up to the last 18 months?

One factor that Rory admitted had a negative impact on his game was chasing distance because of Bryson DeChambeau and the approach he has been taking to the game.  Rory is not the only one who has been chasing distance on tour as Bryson is showing that it can work.  However, just because something works for one person doesn’t make it right for you.  Ultimately the journey in golf is one of learning about oneself and continuing to develop in ways that help you become a better player.  In fact I recently read a great quote, “No man ever yet became great by imitation.”

It seems that Rory explored the boundaries of chasing distance and has now found himself trusting what works for him.  Make no mistake Rory trains hard and hits the golf ball a long way, but he is no longer abandoning what makes him great, swinging in balance at very high speeds and striking the golf ball as good as anyone in the game.

It should be interesting to see what Rory does the rest of the season as we know he is capable of going on incredible winning streaks.  He has found himself again and that means other tour players will have to step up if they want to compete.

So, now ask yourself a few questions:

What is your plan to improve? 

In what ways are you emulating other players and why?

Do you know what works for you?

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