Posture At The Top

Posture at the Top

Dynamic posture in the golf swing refers to how the combination of forward bend and side bend of the pelvis and torso changes as the body rotates through the swing.  Forward bend is bending towards the golf ball and side bend is bending towards or away from the target.  When a player can find the right combination of these two bends at the top of the backswing he/she will be in a powerful position with lots of leverage to move the club fast and control it.  Let’s discuss the ideal posture at the top of the swing.

The whole purpose of the backswing is to coil the body to create significant potential energy for the downswing while keeping the club in front of you.  For this to happen the player must maintain pressure in the ground in the right places and turn into the backswing where there is still forward bend of the torso at the top and the distance of the sternum to the ball has not changed.  This is commonly referred to as staying in posture, but in reality posture, as defined by forward bend and side bend, is constantly changing throughout the swing.

There are various technologies to assess where you are at the top of the swing with 3D motion capture being preferable to 2D.  Either way the goal is the same, to get the top with leverage and potential energy.  If you turn the top where the spine is leaning towards the target the club gets heavy.  If you turn to the top and your torso leans towards the ball too much the club will get heavy.  When the club gets heavy there are sure to be compensations in the downswing.

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