Pitching Motion

We have discussed Dynamic Posture before but usually as it relates to the full swing.  The full swing is more complex and maintaining a stable spine while moving at maximum speeds can be a challenge due to physical limitations and ingrained motor patterns.  However, on a more subtle level, many golfers struggle to maintain dynamic posture in a chip or pitch shot.
In the photo above Patrick Reed is shown hitting about a 30 yard pitch shot from the fairway.  Patrick is widely touted by his peers on the PGA Tour as having a phenomenal short game with incredible artistry and ability to adapt to different situations.  That being said let’s not overlook how fundamentally sound his technique is on this shot.  The lines are an indication of how well me has maintained posture throughout the motion.  Many golfers struggle with a tendency to stand up and rely on the arms and hands to move the club forward which leads to inconsistency with contact and ultimately the ability to get the ball up and down.  When a golfer maintains posture as Patrick does the rotation of the body moves the arms and club forward together in one connected motion and allows for repeatability.
A great way to start working on this is to simply get in posture, cross your arms with your hands on opposite shoulders and rotate back on through while maintaining the angles that Patrick does in the photo. Then take practice motions with the club in your hands while feeling the same posture throughout.  Then hit some pitch shots and take note of where you finish.  Do you notice that you have stood up or are still in your original posture?  This is something that you should be able to do up to about 30 yards.  With enough deliberate reps you will ingrain a more fundamentally sound motion.