Here at GPC we use an acronym called PAACE (Performance, Attendance, Attitude, Coachability & Effort) to grade our student-athletes on a daily basis.  These parameters have proven to be strong indicators of who is improving the most and the fastest.  Meaning, to get the most out of the work you put in,  show up, have a positive attitude, be coachable and put the effort in.  These are some of the intangibles that can make a huge difference in development, not just in golf, but in life as well.  There are many things in golf that are out of our control, like tournament results, scores, bad breaks or bounces. However, PAACE is well in our control and in a game like golf with so many variables, you have to be committed to controlling the things you can control.  Next time you head out to practice, imagine you are being graded on your PAACE and you will see the difference in your practice and if you make a habit out of it you will see a difference in your development.

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