Measure, Ask Why, Change

To improve in golf, change must take place but many people want to see better results without anything changing at all.  If your scores are not where you want them, the first step is to understand what is actually happening to be getting the results that you do.  Only then can you start to formulate a plan to change the way you play the game.
In today’s game, technology is being utilized like never before as evidenced by what is seen on the PGA Tour every week with the consistent use of launch monitors.  What are the best players in the world doing with that information? Isn’t that paralysis by analysis?  No, in fact it’s the opposite.  The best players in the world are taking advantage of the accuracy of information to gain greater clarity on what is happening and then making the adjustments that need to be made.  The first step is to measure and the second step is to ask why. These two steps are overlooked by many golfers who are genuinely striving to get better at the game.  Getting good information and then figuring out what is causing those metrics to show up can send a player down the right road to making the right changes.
Measure, ask why, and then formulate a game plan to change.  These steps cannot be skipped when looking to develop your game to the next level.