Get A Grip!

Our only connection to the club is our grip, and how we grip the club will dictate how we are able to apply force to it. But there are a lot of factors that dictate how you put your hands on the club.  One is your intention and how you conceptualize the shot with the instrument you have, another is your physical function.  The function of your body will impact the way you set up to the ball from the ground up and that will also impact the way you grip it.  That is why you will see many different grips across the PGA Tour, accompanied by unique golf swings.  Since all of us have physical function that is unique to us, there will be no one perfect grip for everyone but rather everyone should have a grip that’s perfect for them.  With the purpose being to deliver the club head to the ball with speed and consistency and with desired impact characteristics.  Next practice session I encourage you to experiment with different grips and see the cause and effect and how it can impact ball flight.  This not only brings self discovery into the picture but will also make your practice more engaging!