From The Ground Up

As humans, we leverage the ground in almost everything we do on a daily basis. From walking the dog to getting up from a chair, the ground provides us the leverage needed to move about the world. Every step you take, your body is managing the pressure that goes through the different parts of your foot to walk or run in an effort to protect from past injuries and or pain.  Many adults use orthotic insoles to help manage the pressure on different parts of the foot. It is no different when swinging a golf club, we leverage the ground to generate power through torque, vertical and horizontal forces.  These forces help create the movement that is your golf swing. If you cannot create stability through the ground from set-up, to the backswing and ultimately through the downswing, you will not be able to create the movement needed to control your golf ball. Yet, many times teachers or golfers go straight to improving poor movement rather than looking at the cause of the poor movement-ground forces.  To see this stability in action, look no further than the PGA Tour, you will not see golfers falling off balance after each swing, instead you will see a consistent pattern of stability through the finish position.  Next time you want to work on improving your swing, first see if you can stabilize your swing from the ground up by feeling the connection between your feet and the ground from set up to finish and holding your finish after every single shot.