Controlling Your Golf Ball

Imagine if you could see the dispersion chart of all your drives throughout the season so far, undoubtedly there would be some shots far off line to the left and to the right. What we want to do is improve the amount offline and how often the outliers happen and thus shrink your dispersion pattern.  But how do we do this?  It starts at set-up, most amateurs are constantly tinkering with their set-up trying to fix their last shot with their next shot, further increasing the amount of variance of each swing.  Instead, we want to bring as much consistency to our set-up as possible.  Being consistent with stance width, ball position and posture is the foundation for beginning to control your golf ball.  Creating a “set-up station” on the range to provide feedback for you is the first step at building awareness at set up.  At GPC every station has an alignment stick designed to provide feedback for stance width and we use the other stick to create a “t-square” to provide feedback for ball position. We also revisit our posture drill daily.  Believe it or not, doing these things consistently is not easy.  It takes effort and focus, simple can prove to be difficult and it may not be glamorous, it’s just good old fashioned hard work. Just ask Tim Duncan, who earned the name “The Big Fundamental” on his way to being a 5x NBA Champ, 3x NBA Finals MVP & 2x NBA MVP.  Or ask 2x Superbowl Champion and Superbowl MVP, Ray Lewis who says: “Greatness is a lot of small things done well, stacked up on each other. Day after day. Workout after workout.”  You don’t have to be a world class athlete to set up the right way over and over, you just have to commit to doing ordinary things, extraordinarily well and this will be the start of controlling your golf ball.  

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