Benefits of Having A Player Development System

Systems provide a number of benefits and are a key ingredient for developing or improving on anything that you’re doing.  Using a system for player development in golf, provides the structure to which is necessary for long term success.  Some of the benefits of having a system are that it forces you to think through the process and improve it, allows for improved and consistent performance and having one in place allows you to easily adjust a plan based on where the player is in their development.  Every good system measures and tracks progress relative to the goals or expectations that are set. For us here at GPC, that is our Player Development Index.  Having this is invaluable for golfers as it gives them a real marker for where they are in their development, where they need to go and how to get there.  Without these things, some players can still improve over time through hard work and trial and error but it’s just a guessing game.  Having a system that measures and tracks can set clear expectations and give a golfer a road map to reach their goals.  System integration has all but taken over in the business world, where business owners want to leave nothing to chance, so why would it be any different in player development?  If you have never been through a golf assessment, call GPC to schedule one.  It is the first step to reaching your goals!

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