Bad Technique: The Problem or the Solution?

It is easy to look at your golf swing and see the differences between you and a PGA Tour player.  It’s common to try and “improve” your technique by making cosmetic changes so it “looks” closer to a Tour Player’s swing.  However, you are not in fact a PGA Tour player. In 2017 the average age of the top 125 players on the PGA Tour was 32.  In 2019 the average age for golfers in the US is 54.  Besides the difference in age, there is a stark difference in the physical function of a young PGA Tour Player’s body vs a middle age recreational golfer’s body.   Most middle aged golfers have an array of past injuries, bad backs, tight hip flexors from sitting at work all day and then try to model their swing after a twenty something year old who’s hot on Tour.  If you look at just the pelvis for example and how it works in the swing, there is a certain amount of function that is needed if you want to move the way the guys on TV move.  What if you do not have the function? You are not going to let that stop you from hitting the golf ball are you?  Instead, you will find movement and power from other areas, enlisting a whole system of compensations that enable you to strike the golf ball with some amount of speed.  So the next time you see a video of your swing that makes you cringe, ask yourself why?  Why don’t I rotate?  Am I even able to rotate?  If I am not, what impact does that have on the rest of my swing?  You will soon see that the lack of function in your body is the true problem and your current swing is actually your solution to that problem.   

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