2020 Summer Achieve Program

at The Golf Performance Center
in Partnership with Ethan Allen Prep

Achieve Your Greatness on the Course and in the Classroom

June 29 – August 23
Ridgefield, CT

GPC’s Summer Achieve Program
Ages 12+
Choice of
Four or Eight
Week programs

Boarding at GPC’s Main Campus.

Daily transportation provided to/from GPC from points in Fairfield and Westchester Counties for local student athletes.

Tuition includes:

  • Beginning with GPC’s 5 Elements of Success Evaluation, a component of our Player Development System, our proprietary player assessment evaluates junior golf athletes to develop a comprehensive plan to achieve peak performance. Through our holistic approach to overall performance improvement, junior golfers are guided to develop the necessary skills to compete at a progressively higher level.


  • Player Development System Assessment – all athletes are assessed by GPC coaches in the following areas – golf skills, equipment, and mental and physical performance feedback, alongside appropriate drills, corrective exercises and recommended developmental plans
  • Daily physical performance Coaching
  • Extended Golf Practice
  • Travel to local tournaments
  • Playing privileges at Salem Golf Club, South Salem, NY
  • Tournament Planning and Guidance
  • Player apparel package
  • Premium JuniorGolfHub.com Membership
  • Custom Club Fitting
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks
  • Field trips to XYZ
Roger Knick - Founder GPC

Roger Knick 

Meet Our Founder:

“The Achieve Program is truly unique because it provides our scholar athletes with the tools to grow athletically, academically and culturally. The core of our summer program is golf, but the curriculum also includes courses with Academic Coaches from Ethan Allen Prep and exploration of New England and the New York City region. The program is designed for the junior golf scholar athlete aspiring to play at the highest level of competition.  Our program combines the best practices for development, golf and physical coaching, tournament preparation, tournament play and high-level academic experience.”

We realize the path to playing college golf isn’t easy. It takes grit, determination and an incredible amount of work. For over 20 years, coaching junior golfers has been our passion. The hard work of our graduates is clear – GPC has helped 100+ athletes get to over 80 colleges and universities

Ethan Allen Preparatory

Ethan Allen Preparatory

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Course Offerings:

  1. The Power of Storytelling – Stories have proven to be very powerful throughout human history. This course will focus on developing the elements of a powerful story. Each week students will create a story utilizing the skills emphasized in this workshop environment.
  2. Programming – This class will learn the foundations of coding practices and skills to make fun games and applications to help improve the world around us.
  3. Journalism – Students in this course will utilize the myriad aspects of professional Journalism; filming, writing, designing, photographing and editing to produce weekly stories covering and/or related to golf. Probable sources of material will come from producing biographies of current professional golfers and/or covering the latest happenings in the various events.
  4. Beyond Now – How do I handle what lies ahead? This course is geared more toward those students who will be looking to college in the next 1-3 years. Mindfulness, problem solving, happiness and relationships will be addressed as students will engage with these ideas in college and beyond.
  5. The Planet – Our physical world is changing around us. This course will focus on how humans have impacted climate change and what steps we can take to begin reversing those effects. In teams, students will identify a problem and through research and design thinking, suggest a solution and present it to a broader audience.
  6. Introduction to Research – Where do I begin and how do I proceed? This course will focus on the essential elements of conducting research. The goal of the course is for students to develop their own research study and the framework for executing the work. We expect students to come away with a research topic that will inspire future academic study or independent work.
  7. Ethics & Science – it’s complicated!- As the world becomes more complicated, science and discovery become increasingly important to humanity. This course will focus on the evolving questions we face as humans battling the impact and pace of a modern world.
  8. Introduction to Design Thinking – Understanding the design process behind the creation of everyday items is important in order to problem solve and improve our lives. Students will identify an everyday problem and ideate a solution to produce and test a prototype.
  9. SAT and ACT Prep – need description

Summer Achieve Week at a Glance

  • Mon/Wed/Fri – Workout
    • Athletes participate in a 1 hour workout focused around improving core and balance, power and speed, and strength as it relates to the mechanics of the golf swing and peak performance.
  • Mon/Wed/Fri Golf Practice
    • During this 5 hour golf practice golf-athletes will be under the supervision of an expert coach while working on all aspects of their games at our world class facility, GPC National.
  • Tues/Thurs Active Rest/Recovery Workout
    • Rest and recovery are critical components to making progress in the gym and on the course. Tuesday and Thursday the athletes will participate in an organized group workout focused on restoring function and helping the athletes recover from the prior day’s training regimen.
  • 2 days of On-Course Coaching per week (Tues/Thurs afternoons)
    • We understand the importance of on-course coaching and the learning opportunities that arise from the countless situations found on the golf course. Athletes will be taking advantage of on-course coaching two-three of the five days training with us.
  • Tournament Preparation and Entry
    • Each athlete will have the opportunity to compete in local and/or regional events while under tutelage GPC coaching. Entry fees and travel expenses are included. This allows for GPC coaches to access the transference of skills to performance and give feedback to each player.
  • Unlimited Facility Access
    • Facility Hours – 7am-9pm M-F
  • Daily 2 hour Academic Session with Ethan Allen Prep
    • The academic component of the program can take place in the classroom or the community, depending on the course. Classroom work is combined with field trips to ????????? (we need to name a few field trips)