At GPC, our Junior Golf Schools are designed to help introduce juniors of all ages to the game in a fun, nurturing, and structured environment, and foster long-term development for those who want to play competitively as well as recreationally.


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Our coaching programs are designed with an emphasis on basic movement literacy and fundamental movement skills, from beginner junior golfers to juniors aspiring to play competitively. Our expert coaches develop a long-term plan for success while holding all players accountable to their development. The focus will be placed upon physical literacy, fundamental movements, golf specific skills, mental approach, and competitive games.

3 Day – Golf Schools
Ages 4-7
June 24th - June 26th
July 22nd - July 24th
Mon/Tues/Wed | 1pm - 4pm
$449 per week

Ages 8-12
July 15th - July 17th
August 5th - August 8th

Mon/Tues/Wed | 1pm - 4pm
$449 per week

For the beginner golfers on the first step of their journey…


Our junior program emphasizes fun, learning golf specific skills, and having an introduction to a healthy lifestyle. Our certified coaches utilize games to enhance the learning aspect of speed by using drills that encourage agility, quickness, and change of direction activities. Golf concepts such as grip, aim, and weight shift are incorporated. Juniors will be introduced to green reading, club face alignment, course management, and score keeping.</p>


We strive to help children fall in love with golf, helping them understand that the game can be a rewarding and fun sport that builds many life skills.

4 Day – Golf Schools
Ages 13-17
July 8th - July 11th
August 5th - August 8th
1pm - 5pm
$599 per week

The purpose of this four-day program is to foster an increased passion for the game of golf while developing a better understanding of the 5 Elements of Success – desire to improve, physical performance and nutrition, golf coaching, equipment, and mental approach. Each day participants will have a physical workout in addition to practice on putting, short game, and full swing, as well as competitions each day to promote a fun learning environment. Our junior golf athletes have access to the most advanced tools and coaching techniques to help them take their game to the next level.


Each junior golf athlete will leave with an improved sense of what is needed to play better golf especially if he/she aspires to play competitively.


PDS Testing
Each golf athlete will have the opportunity to go through our PDS testing.


The Player Development Score (PDS) was developed to help junior golf athletes better understand where they are developmentally.


The PDS will also be used by golf coaches nationwide as a recruiting tool to better assess a junior golf athlete’s potential. The PDS encompasses an FMS screen, assessment of physical proficiencies, and golf skills from short putts to drives.


After completion of the PDS testing, each athlete will receive the corresponding Hat color based on his/her score.

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